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Wild camping austria

This article is a complete overview about wild camping in Europe. Where is it legally allowed? Where is it tolerated?

Wild Camping in Austrian Alps?

Where should you definitely not be wild camping? This differs from country to country, there might even be different rules for certain areas in the same country.

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I listed all of the European countries and made an easy overview. In a lot of European countries, wild camping is legally not allowed without permission of the landowner. However, as long as you are discreet, stay out of sight and leave no trace, you are most likely not going to get in trouble. Northern Europe is generally very wild camping friendly. There is only one country in Northern Europe where wild camping is not legal, Denmark. But even Denmark provides plenty of alternatives.

Certain countries in this area of the world do not only legally allow wild camping, they even encourage it. Wild camping in Denmark is legally not allowedyou cannot pitch your tent anywhere you want.

That said, there are a lot of primitive campsites and free tenting zones spread across the country. These primitive camping spots are sometimes equipped with a basic wooden shelter, this means that you could even consider wild camping without a tent.

Note that both free tenting zones and primitive campsites are meant for hikers who will only stay for one night. If you camp outside these campsites, chances are not very high that you will get caught, but if you do get caught, you can expect a small fine. Wild camping in Estonia is legal with the exception of certain National Parks. If you are close to an official camping ground you should make use of them.

wild camping austria

You are only allowed to camp in the wild if you find yourself away from registered campsites. Make sure to check that wild camping is legal in the area you want to go, but in most of the country it is completely legal.

Lithuania is very similar to Latvia when it comes to wild camping. So once again, make sure to check that wild camping is legal in the area you want to go, but in most of the country it is completely legal. Wild camping in Sweden is completely legal and even encouraged. The right to roam is enshrined in the Swedish law. You are even allowed to stay two nights at the exact same camping spot.

Wild camping in Norway is completely legal end even encouraged.Hi there, we use cookies to improve your experience on our website. You can update your settings by clicking the Privacy policy link at the bottom of the page.

Please feel free to browse existing topics for answers to your travel questions. More information can be found by viewing the following announcement. Details here. This summer i am planing to visit Austrian alps. And i want to ask about wild campig in Alps. Is it allowed to build may tent in not populated areas not in campings?.

I am asking, because i had not found any informacion about that in official sites. Mabey you can give me same link to this information. Sorry for may english. Well, I did camp in the woods. But only when hiking in the mountains on couple-of-day-trips. It is possible although not allowed. In case you really camp "wild": take all your stuff back don't leave messdon't harm Environment, don't burn fires and be quiet!!! You won't make friends definately not with the farmers who own the landso bettet forget it.

Austria is a small country and there is no remote wilderness where you can go unnoticed. Even in the mountains, farmers look after their cows and lots of hikers will come past. In the deepest woods you still find people collecting mushrooms. They will suspect you make a fire and leave a mess so no one wants you there. This topic has been locked by a moderator. All rights reserved. No part of this site may be reproduced without our written permission.

No worries. Hello This summer i am planing to visit Austrian alps. Is it allowed to build may tent in not populated…. See All. Thorn Tree forum. Post new topic.

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Search forums. Jump to forum.We have put together a map with the current Corona risk areas in Europe. Click here to get to the overview. Austria will allow the initial restrictions to expire on 30 April ; only the minimum distance of 1. The tourism industry is to be ramped up again by 29 May Our tip: Discover some nice places in your immediate vicinity and refrain from long journeys for the time being. This way you avoid contact with large crowds and are out in the fresh air.

Wild camping in Europe. No, wild camping and free standing are not officially allowed in Austria. However, there are differences in the individual provinces and some regions wild camping and free standing are tolerated. Bivouacking and free standing on private property are possible in many areas. Depending on the federal state, the penalties for wild camping in nature reserves, national parks, and special protection areas are significantly higher and can be up to As in any country, some exceptions allow you to spend the night away from campsites.

Under 'Tips and tricks for wild camping,' we have listed the regions in which wild camping is less strictly controlled and punished.

Camping on private plots is permitted with the permission of the owner.

Wild camping in Austria

In some regions, you may also spend the night at the roadside or on parking lots. Bivouacking is accepted in most provinces, and the construction of an emergency bivouac is permitted throughout Austria.

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Snow-capped peaks, blue skies, and wonderfully green alpine meadows - that is what Austria is known for. Whether you want to take a walk through the mountains, cool off in one of the lakes or go skiing, Austria has something for everyone. However, to enjoy your wild camping trip, you should pay attention to which federal state you are traveling in.

We made you a list in which areas you are more likely to be tolerated, and which areas you should avoid for wild camping and free standing.

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Burgenland In Burgenland, camping with less than 10 people is permitted for a maximum of 3 nights. However, camping with a motorhome is not permitted and can be fined up to 3. Upper Austria According to the Upper Austrian Tourism Act, camping and staying overnight in the alpine wasteland above the tree line and outside pasture areas is permitted. Salzburg and Vorarlberg Whether, and to what extent, penalties are imposed for wild camping is determined by the mayor of the respective municipality.

So you should ask the authorities if it is allowed or not.Free camping generally describes camping that is without cost, or camping that incurs minimal cost.

The definition is broad and may refer to bush camping, staying at road side stops, and extended camping at remote locations such as beaches and state forests and national parks. To camp in national parks or nature reserves you need a permit paid from a ranger or local councils.

Find free places to stay across this vast stretch of land will make your motorhome rental holiday even more enjoyable and will allow you to spend the money you save on things that will make your holiday all that more memorable, and there are thousand of free parking opportunities.

Wild camping etiquette 1.

wild camping austria

Never leave any rubbish or waste behind. Never make excessive noise. If you are playing music ensure only you can hear it. Park sensible, so that people can use the parking bays around your vehicle. If you have to run your engine to charge your leisure batteries, do so during the day, and not at night or early morning. If you need mains electricity then you probably need a campsite.

Security when wild camping Your motorhome, camper, campervan is always at risk from thieves and damage no matter where you are. Free camping spots are known by locals and most leisure vehicles are very obvious.

Always park sensible, never leave anything on display, and always lock your motorhome. If others are parking in the area park next to them, not just close to them. Motorhome Rental Australia. A vehicle is safer when in a pack of vehicles, rather than a lone vehicle on the edge of the pack.

When you park up chat with the people camping around you. These people are normally very nice, friendly and also looking for a secure place to park. Permission You should always get permission before free camping.The Alps boast some of the world's most stunning natural scenery, and Austria and Switzerland have the lion's share of Europe's largest mountain range. Encompassing some of the region's most famous places such as Salzburg, Vienna, St Moritz and Montreux, camping in the alps promises a wealth of natural wonders like Lake Geneva, the Matterhorn and Monte Rosa.

Browse this page to explore our collection of Austrian and Swiss campsites and glamping accommodation. We are limiting availability in line with the Coronavirus restrictions in each country, and we will update this as guidance changes. How many adults and children are in your party?

wild camping austria

Please provide an age for each child for an accurate price. Park Grubhof, St. Martin, Grubhof nr. Experience head-clearing air, gushing rivers, glaciers, and alpine meadows. Whether it's a hideaway in Switzerland or a family campsite in Austria, this curated collection of campsites is sure to have something to suit.

wild camping austria

Cool Camping Gift Vouchers are a great way to let your family and friends enjoy some truly special camping and glamping spots. Search near your current location We won't store your location, we'll only use it to find places to stay near you. Check In Available Unavailable.

Adults 0. Children 0. Child Ages. Show All Glamping. Camping at the foot of the Jura mountains with Lake Geneva on the doorstep and plenty to keep you occupied onsite. Available: 10 Pitches 1 Safari tent.

Available: 5 Pitches 7 Safari tents. A family-friendly riverside campsite slap bang in the middle of a regional park. Available: 5 Pitches 2 Safari tents 2 Camping bungalows. Well-equipped facilities and magnificent mountain surroundings. Available: 5 Pitches 3 Cabins 2 Safari tents. Traditional camping in the heart of the Alps with 21st-century facilities and timeless mountain views. Available: 13 Pitches 2 Bell tents.

Summer camping in the heart of the French Alps, with views of Mont Jovet and hiking trails on the doorstep — plus ski-friendly chalets open in winter. Available: 4 Pitches 2 Bell tents. Peaceful, spacious tranquillity with a spectacular backdrop.Soaring mountain peaks swathed in wildflower meadows and topped with snow, hundreds of gorgeous lakes each with their own character; the country is practically designed for hikers and explorers. So, what better way to take advantage of this than by camping in the midst of it all?

Any type of camping is an adventure in a country like Austria, but wild camping will offer you the most solitary and unique experience. Waking up at dawn by the side of a mirror-like lake, feeling the dew-sparked grass under your feet and hearing the birds chirp to life — is there a better start to the day?

Wild camping is also a much more cost-effective solution in an expensive country like Austria.

Campsites in Austria & Switzerland

Now, the legal situation around wild camping in Austria is a bit complicated. For those who have been, it has more in common with New Zealand rough camping.

Just make sure you have a good tent to take with you! Historically and now, communion with the great outdoors is a vital part of Austrian life. So is respect for the great outdoors.

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Camping, hiking, skiing, and other adventures are all welcomed in the mountains, but wild camping in Austria is a little OK, a lot more restricted. Wild camping in any protected areas Schutzgebietnature reserves, or National Parks is strictly prohibited. Technically speaking, wild camping is illegal over the country. No caravans, camper vans, or even tents; just you in a bivvy sack. We have some tips for finding less crowded hikes in Austria — perfectly combined when renting a car with a trip to Hallstatt.

Hopefully, it goes without saying that the main rule is not to break the law. Also, be on the lookout for signs saying camping is forbidden, as certain areas will have them.

Simply find a flat patch of grass, nestled under a tree somewhere. Stick to snacks and dried food. Remember that the right to even walk among the wilderness of Austria is a privilege, and the last thing any of us want to do is ruin the opportunities for others to do this. In fact, seven countries are on its borders, so you can easily travel by train from GermanyItaly, PragueBudapest or Switzerland.

Vienna is a huge international airport, so there are lots of direct flights there from around the world, while Salzburg, Innsbruck, Graz, and Linz also have airports.

Train travel in a country as beautiful as Austria is a joy because you can while away time staring out of the window at the spectacular vistas.I love wild camping in Europe, but had yet to find a complete list of wild camping laws for every country. So, I decided to make one. Let me just preface this by saying that paid campgrounds definitely have their place. And there was that time I got sick while wild camping.

WINTER CAMPING: First time in the SNOW - Aliner Pop Up Camper Trailer

I was happy to have a paid campground to go to where I could puke in a proper toilet. With that said, I firmly believe that wild camping beats campgrounds. I am lucky enough to live in the Balkans where wild camping is legal in most countries. For any of you who are in Europe or want to visit, here is a list of the wild camping laws of every country in Europe. I know many travelers who have wild camped all over the place including not-so-wild places like city parks.

If you are discreet and respectful, no one is likely to bother you. Even if the police do come, they will probably just tell you to leave. So, it is up to you to decide whether the risk of getting a fine is going to detract you from trying wild camping! Not sure what to eat on your trip?

Albanians have a habit of ignoring traffic laws, smoking regulations, and pretty much any rule. So, if there is a wild camping law on the book, no one is paying any attention to it. The country is full of wild places where you can easily camp. I personally have wild camped in Albania a few times and loved it my favorite country for camping. The only time you might have trouble finding a wild camping spot is on the beach in the summer.

I recommend Gjipe Beach. Wild camping is illegal in Andorra. It is only allowed around a hut during the night when the hut is full. Wild camping is legal in Armenia. Locals tend to be very hospitable and curious, so be prepared for some locals to come check out your tent and invite you home for coffee.

There is plenty of wild land in remote areas — but beware of wolves and animals! Stray dogs can be a problem in the countryside. Wild camping in Austria is not legal. So, tents are not permitted nor are bivvy sacks for more than one night. You can read more on the topic here. Fishing is popular there, so almost every lake has a nice spot somewhere on the shore suitable for wild camping.

Beware of forest fires, which are quite common in Belarus. You can find more info here. Wild camping is legal. However, there are still a lot of landmines buried in Bosnia.

Never camp on land which has obviously not been tended in a long time. Even if it is officially illegal, wild camping is still very tolerated.


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